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Applying a waterproofing deck sealer or deck stain will greatly extend the life of a wood deck.

The finish prevents the wood from drying out or absorbing damaging moisture. Concrete decks also need to be sealed for maximum life extension.

Leaving your wood deck untreated allows precipitation to enter the wood and make it expand. Once the lumber begins to dry, it contracts. This expansion and contraction leads to the degrading of wood. Sealing will prevent water from entering and damaging the wood.

When it's time to reseal your deck, it is very important that all previous sealer is removed before a new sealer is applied. This is true even if you are using the same brand sealer. Sealer works by being absorbed into the wood. If any old sealer remains, there will be interference with the absorption of the new sealer.

Timber Decks Sydney's mission is to provide a quality deck maintenance service using quality deck cleaning and sealing products. We know the necessary preparation for a quality sealed deck, and we use environmentally safe products that will not harm your landscape or the environment. Regular deck maintenance can add value to your investment; while at the same time protect it. Periodically applying an ultraviolet rated deck finish will prolong the life of your deck.

Benefits of a Deck finish:

  1. Help prevent the so-called "greying" of the wood.
  1. Help prevent the lumber from splitting, warping, splintering, and degrading.

No other sealant can match the unparalleled deck protection you get with our:

 •            One-time application

•             Permanent protective barrier creation

•             Protection without staining or discoloring

•             Environmentally-safe cleaning agents

​​​​​​​The typical cleaning and sealing process:

1. We apply a deck cleaner and allow the cleaner time to work. The deck is then pressure washed using the proper pressure washing methods so as not to harm the wood or concrete. We allow drying time for one to two days, depending on weather conditions.

2. We will seal your deck with a clear sealer, or, if requested, we can use tinted water sealers, which will also protect your deck from harmful UV rays. Plus, it will also protect against cracking, splitting, and warping of the wood, and inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface.

Benefits of using our company:

•             Quality, trained, and trustworthy professionals

•             Commercial equipment specifically designed for cleaning and sealing wood and concrete

•             Only the best scientifically engineered products are used to restore, beautify, and protect your exterior wood and concrete

We offer honest and reputable work, and we have a growing number of repeat clients and referrals to confirm that. Our work comes with your peace of mind.

Our philosophy is to establish customers for life. We won’t ask for or accept payment until the job is completed and you are satisfied. We want you to enjoy your deck. So if your deck is fading, molded, or mildewed, call us today at 0414878788.


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